If I Could Dream Me A World…

Ego Trippin’ II (Too)…

Lovingly Inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s “I dream me a world” & “Ego Tripping”


If I could start over again, I would dream me a world of pleasures simple and love sublime –


With the Atlantic Ocean as my Jacuzzi and sacred steam bath; instead of the burial ground of so many of my ancestors who perished in the Maafa

My backyard would be the Garden of Eden

And of the fruit of these trees, you could taste eternal life…

No doubt, preferable to the “strange fruit” which perpetually rots the roots and negates the perennial beauty of Southern trees



The Step Pyramid would have been Jendayi’s playscape, and the entire world her oyster

And with the stars as her swing set,

The crescent moon as her slide,

And the Great Sphinx her regal, majestic jungle gym –

Her Shining, African Genius and

Her Love of Science and

Her own special brand of Black Girl Magic could really rule the world

Instead of fighting back against the limited possibilities of being born a Black Woman in Amerikkka:

Whereby her inheritance is my own, and that of my Mother before me…

Righteous. Revolutionary. Struggle.



If I could start over again and dream me a world of pleasures simple and love sublime –

The power of our very thoughts could determine reality

And Religion would be replaced with Spirituality,

And Preachers with Prophets

And schools with Real Education like…


A ‘Divinity school’ which teaches only one lesson:


That God dwells within and that ALL we need to know

We already know (and really did know, even before Kindergarten).


And to trust wholly in our Divine Oneness with God, and to know that

…truly all these things shall be added unto you



If I could start over again, I would dream me a world

of pleasures simple and love sublime… YEAH

Published by Nefertari Nkenge

Nefertari Nkenge, Ed.D. is a well respected transformative leader in pedagogy. The unique combination of over two decades of classroom instruction, curriculum/professional development innovation, urban school administrative leadership and a lifelong commitment to grassroots activism and social justice - informs the empowering Educate to Liberate model.

2 thoughts on “If I Could Dream Me A World…

    1. Halima! Yes, she is a beautiful representation of the spirit of righteous determination naturally present in our people. Thank you for your comment and for raising such a photogenic and lovely daughter.


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