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Attracting Positive Energy

The most exciting, fulfilling and successful opportunities in our lives are a direct reflection of our own positive intentions. Like attracts like and to the extent that we greet each new venture, job, special interest, project, academic year and life in general with the full anticipation of an abundance of good things . . . What we envision, we can create. What we predict, manifests in the natural and when it shows up – ohhh, how sweet it is to reap the benefits of the good vibrations we have uniquely showered into the universe.

The law of attraction, as it’s more popularly known, has long worked in our collective favor in life – whether we are conscious of it or not – and is so profoundly accurate that many still stand in awe of the divine power of their own thoughts, especially when something shows up that we had foreseen in another context.

Early on in my career as an educator, while still an impressionable twenty-two year old, I would be met, at least twice per week, with the infectious, positive energy of Mama Ayo (a fierce Goddess-Woman, Boss and African Rites of Passage coordinator at our K-8 school), who greeted us all as both staff and students, with the same memorable phrase: vibrations my babies! You see, Mama Ayo literally translates into ‘she who brings joy’, and each day prior to the routine separation of the genders into their disparate, training groups to engage in hour long character development and manhood/womanhood instructional trainings at the feet of the elders for customary Rites of Passage (ROP) sessions; she would instinctively remind us of the importance of vibrating on a higher frequency and attuning our minds, bodies, spiritual and soul beings to their natural and elevated frequencies prior to transitioning into profound life lessons. It was in this context, even as a young adult college grad, former ROP initiate and novice teacher/leader that I recognized my own need to transfer my coveted inheritance to the rich legacy of knowledge of history/self, love of our cultural traditions and people and my role as a teacher to an inescapable obligation to #EducateToLiberate rather than to merely #TeachToTransgress (as brilliantly coined by bell Hooks). By being conscious about elevating my own personal vibrations and positive energy, I fully understood my weighty expectation to pass on the values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, love, justice, activism and a commitment to fight for freedom and liberation to the next generation. Since those pivotal early days as an educator, I am humbled to acknowledge that I have done so with honor and am proud to have never looked back in regret for the many personal sacrifices made along the way.

I won’t get too deep into my own personal testimony and positive experiences re: the relevance of intentionally operating on a higher frequency as a means to repel the blatantly oppressive evils of the times in which we are living. But for the sake of the converted, and those of us willing to readily accept ownership of manifesting our own good fortune, positive vibes, affirmations against all of the seemingly insurmountable odds; I will gladly offer my own best practices and advice for meaningful ways to attract positive energy into each of our lives, as we embark upon yet another academic year.

  1. The first step is admittedly pivotal as it is a recurring exercise to Increase your Mindfulness and Consciousness by observing all of our daily thoughts, beliefs (no matter how small or trivial), and then painstakingly engage in transforming their distinct, universal vibrations of doubt, fear and negativity from within. No matter how enlightened we are, not one of us is capable of continuously operating on the frequency of our higher selves, so we must train ourselves to ensure that all of our thoughts are on a higher frequency, thus enabling us to master our destiny’s on a deep, subconscious level.
  2. Secondly, we must Practice Gratitude every day and in every imaginable way. When increasing our consciousness on the path to attracting positive energy, we must be openly focused upon the little things that we typically take for granted but for which we are immensely grateful, so that the good multiplies. Somehow, what works best for me is to keep a gratitude journal. Interestingly enough, as long as this uniquely restricted journal is comprised of only the 3-5 things for which you are grateful you will find it to be a powerful tool to demonstrate the efficacy of your higher frequency. Likewise, when giving thanks becomes your automatic response to every day occurrences, not only will you find it much easier to acknowledge the good but you will similarly attract more good, blessings and positive energy to focus on. Ultimately, the object of our focus attracts like a powerful magnet.
  3. Next, Prayer and Meditation does wonders for soothing the spirit/soul and centering our breath, thoughts and mind at the same time. There’s no endorsement or requirement to subscribe to any particular religion but rather an urgency to cultivate our own altar, prayer rug and sacred traditions. The only other time that many of us are able to experience a truly authentic restorative state is when we’re asleep. However, it’s important to be able to access our own personal calm in the midst of the storms of daily life, while we are yet awake and able to appreciate the effects of our divine discipline and power of manifestation.
    Physical Energy Consciousness this difficult (for me) to achieve state, refers to maintaining optimal levels of high vibrational foods, and plenty of water to match the corresponding frequency of movement needed to maintain levels of optimal physical energy. As opposed to a myopic Eurocentric focus upon nutrition and exercise for the purpose of cosmetic outer aesthetics, I prefer to embrace an all-inclusive African centered focus upon Ma’at or balance – which centers upon health and wellness as a positive means to increase balance and offers insight to the final step . . .
    Cultivating Ma’at – As important as it is to increase our consciousness, daily practice at being grateful, prayer/meditation and synchronizing our physical intake with our corresponding exertions, all of these meaningful steps are for naught if we are able to successfully nurture the mind/spirit/soul and bodies and neglect to duly balance our lives in every way. Cultivating Ma’at is the foundational basis of ancient Kemetian existence, in the sense that everything (and especially, our hearts) were weighted in accordance with its constituent elements. The synergy of the seasons, the concepts of truth, honor, reciprocity, balance and ethical/moral harmony as a function in the universe, are each a reflection of the underlying nature of our lives (or lack thereof). Righteous actions and living in accordance with inherent spiritual laws are inextricably tied to the intentional cultivation of Ma’at and ethical principles must intentionally govern the collective consciousness of all educators, activists and leaders in order to access integrity and sacrifice necessary to work on behalf of the oppressed.

Ultimately, we are each capable of manifesting an elevated consciousness, higher frequency and consistent state of positive vibrations through concerted efforts to both attract and do good. Let each of us exude the divine light and love we so desperately seek in others and project our inner blessings and good outwardly in the universe this season and for the remainder of this year. Asé.

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