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Begin Again…

Life has as many endings as there are beginning’s. Each of us has been required to bid adieu to someone or something we held dear. We have all been prompted to start over in some significant way and we didn’t hesitate to invest ourselves to a new goal. At the start of a new year it’s important to acknowledge that it is in that small space time continuum of our commitment to major change and transitioning from one phase of life to another, that the strength of our character really shines through. We are each stronger than we give ourselves credit for, because we are all on personal journeys that have been sidetracked by multiple detours, yet we have found the strength to begin again.

The start of a new year offers a unique opportunity to collectively begin again because right now we all share the audacity of hope. Early January offers an opportunity for all of humanity to experience a universal crossroads whereby we naturally separate our old selves from all that we hope to be. At the dawn of the year 2019, I welcome yet another occasion to begin again, because I recognize renewal as a gift, divine blessing and season for opportune growth.

Let’s embark upon our divine, right pathways and embrace the dawn of an opportunity to begin again.

3 thoughts on “Begin Again…

  1. Thank you Nefertari – and I have not yet told you – I love your name – it seems so musical and magical somehow.

  2. Well said and it is indeed a divine blessing – may your year be filled with all that is life giving; all that is good. Happy New Year my friend.

    1. Amen! I receive this and thank you my friend. Sending Happy New Year blessings to you and your family as well.

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