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The Chickens Keep Coming Home to Roost

We live in a country that so readily sensationalizes violence, rewards mediocrity and de-values education that mass destruction in our schools, at the hands of young people no less, is America’s collective and inevitable inheritance.

The presence of an NRA-financed, bought and paid for, Nazi-apologist President only exacerbates this nation’s problems. His failed leadership and that of our equally culpable electorate, increasingly frames the U.S. as the laughing-stock of global civilization. Mind you our educational system has long suffered this fate only now, our politics and day-to-day life matches our sub-standard regard for knowledge acquisition.

There is no secret that Mis-education is the American way. For far too long we have allowed education to be an afterthought of our economic and political priorities. Adding insult to injury, we have intentionally designed schools to overwhelmingly fail countless Black, brown and underprivileged students (erroneously thinking the repercussions would be limited to those communities), and via our insistence on ignoring the neon blinking signs – school safety is now a relic of the past. So, it really comes as no surprise that our children have begun to effectively mimic the sins of their fathers in opting to resort to AR-Rifles rather than a sound education, to command attention and respect.

When our “Shining Black Prince”, the beloved Malcolm X, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, initially diagnosed America’s fate as synonymous with the inescapable reality of our own chickens coming home to roost in our very own corrupt and disreputable yard, he was widely disparaged for having been prophetic enough to speak the truth. Now that our children continue to die in mass numbers at the muzzle of assault weapons while in schools…the only real question at hand is how long must teachers, administrators and our children exist as sacrificial lambs at the altar of America’s contemptible priorities?

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If I Could Dream Me A World…

Ego Trippin’ II (Too)…

Lovingly Inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s “I dream me a world” & “Ego Tripping”


If I could start over again, I would dream me a world of pleasures simple and love sublime –


With the Atlantic Ocean as my Jacuzzi and sacred steam bath; instead of the burial ground of so many of my ancestors who perished in the Maafa

My backyard would be the Garden of Eden

And of the fruit of these trees, you could taste eternal life…

No doubt, preferable to the “strange fruit” which perpetually rots the roots and negates the perennial beauty of Southern trees



The Step Pyramid would have been Jendayi’s playscape, and the entire world her oyster

And with the stars as her swing set,

The crescent moon as her slide,

And the Great Sphinx her regal, majestic jungle gym –

Her Shining, African Genius and

Her Love of Science and

Her own special brand of Black Girl Magic could really rule the world

Instead of fighting back against the limited possibilities of being born a Black Woman in Amerikkka:

Whereby her inheritance is my own, and that of my Mother before me…

Righteous. Revolutionary. Struggle.



If I could start over again and dream me a world of pleasures simple and love sublime –

The power of our very thoughts could determine reality

And Religion would be replaced with Spirituality,

And Preachers with Prophets

And schools with Real Education like…


A ‘Divinity school’ which teaches only one lesson:


That God dwells within and that ALL we need to know

We already know (and really did know, even before Kindergarten).


And to trust wholly in our Divine Oneness with God, and to know that

…truly all these things shall be added unto you



If I could start over again, I would dream me a world

of pleasures simple and love sublime… YEAH

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Embracing Your Goddess Consciousness

“I found God in myself, and I loved her…I loved her fiercely” – Ntozake Shange’

As an educator, a common adage is that everything we ever needed to know we learned in Kindergarten.  Undoubtedly, many of us have heard this phrase and perhaps even smiled in agreement – but I submit to you that indeed, everything any of us ever needed to know “we were actually born with.”

Truly, absolutely every, single thing we need to know is already written upon our genetic codes and resides within us – subconsciously.  In fact, all of what we need in order to thrive and prosper on every level is not a popular “secret” that we must accidentally discover, but is an inherent ‘knowing’ which is deeply embedded within our sub-conscious mind, body, spirit, soul – and must merely be tapped into, re-awakened and activated to empower us today.

Contrary to popular belief, our gift to the universe is not the fact that we merely exist, add beauty and value to the environment or even in our admirable performance of good deeds (an honorable task which drives many of the enlightened amongst us, on a daily basis).  Arguably, our gift to humanity is not evident in our level of formal education, our jobs, spiritual piety or even our children – who are indeed blessings but come through us in a very real sense rather than from us; and are therefore, here to fulfill their own divine destiny.

Rather, in my honest and humble opinion, I truly believe that the only gift that any of us could ever offer the creator, universe or humankind is the meaningful ‘knowing’ of who we are from a God/Goddess consciousness and standpoint.  This consciousness is obtained through extensive self-knowledge, a courageous willingness to strengthen our own weaknesses (while simultaneously sharing of our strengths) and actualization of our oneness with the divine.  This knowing inspires the subsequent fulfillment of our very unique, God-given purpose(s), within our respective life trajectories.

Alas, although I readily admit to being a continual ‘work in progress’, formal adoption of an intentional Goddess consciousness has helped to bring me progressively closer to the fulfillment of my universal goals…and by embracing God in yourself and LOVING her fiercely, you can similarly bear witness to a life path of divinely ordered steps.

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Black Panther Legacy is Not For Sale

IMG_4652The Revolution will not be televised. The powerful words of Gil Scott-Heron are not just slogan worthy, but they personified Black Consciousness. In 2018, they still represent a timely reminder and warning that as a people We. Are. Not. For. Safe.

My best friend throughout my beloved HBCU days is the son of one of the revered, founding members of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and in sacred tribute to his regal, ancestral inheritance – an entire culture must not be guilty of the callous disregard of media pimping our liberation struggle.

I am a daughter of the 70’s and reap the benefits of the quintessential, generational gift of being born #Woke. My own parents boasted of fond memories of grassroots BPP activism and all my Mama’s and Baba’s bemoaned the systemic, government infiltration driven, and Cointelpro designed demise of this most righteous and empowered Revolutionary Movement.

I too, revel in the beauty of our Blackness celebrated in film and masterfully filtered through our own unique lens. But I shudder to think that a Marvel fantasy could supplant the proud history of an entire Black Power Movement worthy of its own patented mark on history. So, as you purchase advance tickets, carefully plan your wardrobe (wear your garb to the premiere), and otherwise anticipate the momentous Black Panther film…also read, research and #EducateToLiberate.

The Revolution will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised…the Revolution will be live.


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The Failure Of The Women’s March

I am no stranger to activism, protest and marching as the featured photos of my daughter, sister and I marching down Woodward Ave. in Detroit’s “Walk to Freedom” March in June, 2013 will attest.  This march was memorable because of the coveted opportunity to march arm-in-arm with Civil Rights legend C.T. Vivian and though my Mother, prominent activist and then-Detroit City Council elected Honorable Jo Ann Watson is not pictured, she helped the NAACP and UAW to organize this commemorative march and ensured the inclusivity of its purposeful agenda.  Yet admittedly, my presence, voice, agenda and that of countless of my sisters, mothers and daughters are significantly absent from the Women’s March on Washington.

In a nutshell, the agenda and demographics of the #WomensMarch2018 reflects the same electoral base of voters who overwhelmingly elected Donald Trump – White women.  Therein lies the inexcusable and essential failure of this exclusionary movement.  While the Women’s March on Washington courageously advocates on behalf of:  women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, reproductive rights, environmental justice, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights – an outspoken commitment to issues at the heart of activism for Black people and Black women, in particular – are woefully absent.  I suppose this makes sense, since this was never our initiative to begin with…

During it’s November 2017 inception, this march was borne of the passionate plea of one woman, Theresa Shook, to do something to express her outrage at Trump having been elected.  “I didn’t have a plan or a thought about what would happen,” Shook told Reuters, “I just kept saying, I think we should march.”  As a result one year ago, nearly 500,000 women descended on Washington, D.C. and others organized in cities worldwide to “build bridges not walls.”  Except Black women were noticeably absent of this catchy, anti-Trump slogan and the subsequent movement to follow.  OUR issues:  the elimination of institutionalized racism, mass incarceration, widespread police brutality, classist/racist fueled mis-education, ever-increasing violence against Black women and men, in particular, and most importantly dismantling of the historic, systemic oppression of Black people continues to be an after-thought in this and so many popular, national movements (#MeToo and #TimesUp included).

In acknowledgement of the enormous void of empowered and diverse representation, there was a genuine attempt to appoint Blacks to key positions, most notably respected activist Tamika Mallory joined the organizing arm of the Women’s March early on and has lent credibility to the effort.  In addition, countless Black celebrities brought notoriety to the valiant efforts and enthusiastically endorse and participate in the LA march, thus offering the aesthetic veneer of diversity and inclusivity.  However, token representation does not elicit authentic inclusivity and with organizing partners such as historically racist Planned Parenthood, and messages/ images appealing to the White, feminist agenda this march (though well-intentioned), will always reflect the priorities of the original trio of White, women organizers.  Thus, the timely agenda and widespread endorsement/support of Black women will continually be absent.

This year’s march aimed at increasing voter registration and electing more women progressives to office is admirable and ensures a #Win for the Democratic party which largely benefits from this myopic, establishment-approved agenda.  For the vast majority of grassroots activists on behalf of justice and equality – the struggle continues.  For Black women the harsh truth is that White supremacy-based movements, feminism, patriarchy, external agendas, the status quo and the Democratic party have overwhelmingly failed us.  Our agenda is only advanced when we author, orchestrate, organize, center and fully execute our own movements in concert with our own very urgent, meaningful and unique agenda, as a people.