Born to Inherit Revolutionary Activism

For the Black child in America, our identity begins in a vivid knowledge of “who I am” through the lens of the generations of men and women, who were our predecessors.

From Schools To Starbucks: White Spaces Abound

Mis-education occurs in American schools because of an unprecedented level of reactionary remedies to systemic problems, rather than a substantive plan to restructure a failing model and proactively change from within. The failure of U.S. schools to properly value and serve the needs all of its students is not unlike the perpetually low quality, discriminatory,Continue reading “From Schools To Starbucks: White Spaces Abound”

Teacher Backlash: A Symptom of Systemic Decline

Teacher: For today’s lesson we will learn about electrical currents and solar energy… Student: Why? Is this how we will restore power to Puerto Rico?! Lesson: Unless knowledge has practical applicability to real-world dilemmas – it is useless information. #TeachableMoment #EducateToLiberate As a general rule, educators are charged with ensuring that our students are engagedContinue reading “Teacher Backlash: A Symptom of Systemic Decline”