Smoking Mad…By My Neighbor’s Incessant Smoking

As a longtime city resident and neighbor, I am entitled to and faithfully intend to exercise my right to enjoy a 100% smoke-free home environment. I welcome your immediate support, thoughtful recommendations and potential solutions to that end.

If I Could Dream Me A World…

Ego Trippin’ II (Too)… Lovingly Inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s “I dream me a world” & “Ego Tripping”   If I could start over again, I would dream me a world of pleasures simple and love sublime –   With the Atlantic Ocean as my Jacuzzi and sacred steam bath; instead of the burial ground ofContinue reading “If I Could Dream Me A World…”

Black Panther Legacy is Not For Sale

The Revolution will not be televised. The powerful words of Gil Scott-Heron are not just slogan worthy, but they personified Black Consciousness. In 2018, they still represent a timely reminder and warning that as a people We. Are. Not. For. Safe. My best friend throughout my beloved HBCU days is the son of one ofContinue reading “Black Panther Legacy is Not For Sale”

MLK Day – When We Fight, We Win

If each of us knew the ‘real cost’ of the federal observance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. holiday – perhaps we would collectively embrace the spirit of service and activism that justice truly requires. MLK Day is significant not only for the larger-than-life martyr and Nobel Peace Prize winning freedom fighter we collectivelyContinue reading “MLK Day – When We Fight, We Win”