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Embracing Your Goddess Consciousness

“I found God in myself, and I loved her…I loved her fiercely” – Ntozake Shange’

As an educator, a common adage is that everything we ever needed to know we learned in Kindergarten.  Undoubtedly, many of us have heard this phrase and perhaps even smiled in agreement – but I submit to you that indeed, everything any of us ever needed to know “we were actually born with.”

Truly, absolutely every, single thing we need to know is already written upon our genetic codes and resides within us – subconsciously.  In fact, all of what we need in order to thrive and prosper on every level is not a popular “secret” that we must accidentally discover, but is an inherent ‘knowing’ which is deeply embedded within our sub-conscious mind, body, spirit, soul – and must merely be tapped into, re-awakened and activated to empower us today.

Contrary to popular belief, our gift to the universe is not the fact that we merely exist, add beauty and value to the environment or even in our admirable performance of good deeds (an honorable task which drives many of the enlightened amongst us, on a daily basis).  Arguably, our gift to humanity is not evident in our level of formal education, our jobs, spiritual piety or even our children – who are indeed blessings but come through us in a very real sense rather than from us; and are therefore, here to fulfill their own divine destiny.

Rather, in my honest and humble opinion, I truly believe that the only gift that any of us could ever offer the creator, universe or humankind is the meaningful ‘knowing’ of who we are from a God/Goddess consciousness and standpoint.  This consciousness is obtained through extensive self-knowledge, a courageous willingness to strengthen our own weaknesses (while simultaneously sharing of our strengths) and actualization of our oneness with the divine.  This knowing inspires the subsequent fulfillment of our very unique, God-given purpose(s), within our respective life trajectories.

Alas, although I readily admit to being a continual ‘work in progress’, formal adoption of an intentional Goddess consciousness has helped to bring me progressively closer to the fulfillment of my universal goals…and by embracing God in yourself and LOVING her fiercely, you can similarly bear witness to a life path of divinely ordered steps.

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