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A Nation in Grief . . .

REPRINTED by the permission of my beloved journalist Mother, Rev. Dr. JoAnn Watson, who has managed to put into words what my tearful, broken heart could not manage to process:

Recent news coverage, including this professor’s first hand account of the tragic school shooting occurring in his classroom at Michigan State University, has been so poignant, so sensitive, and so much a reflection of our troubled times. Thank you for penning what our hearts feel for ALL of the victims; who were young, innocent, bright and so deserving of a long fruitful life!

I am an Alumnus of the University of Michigan, but my eldest Granddaughter, Jendayi, is a recent graduate of Michigan State University, and majored in “Environment Sustainability”- a subject which was not even fathomable during my college days.

In the aftermath of this MSU tragedy, my heart was gripped with horror and pain for the victims and their families. When my Grand baby was matriculating at MSU and staying in a dorm on campus, my deepest concerns were about her grades, her health, and her ability to apply discipline regarding social functions on campus. I drove to East Lansing, MI frequently whenever I felt “Big Mama’s” presence would be helpful (when she developed strep throat, when she was homesick and in need of nurturing or a home-cooked meal).

I am in tears and heartbroken over every student who was senselessly slain. No student should be confronted with ‘Terror on Campus’ and no family should be making plans for their child’s funeral, or maintaining vigils at a hospital’s ICU unit, rather than making plans for their child’s glorious, hope-fulfilled Graduation!

Mass shootings in the USA must not continue to become a ‘norm’ that traumatizes and paralyzes this nation–The USA’s Domestic Terrorism must end with this generation.

Arielle Anderson, 19, was a sophomore at Michigan State University and was a straight ‘A’ student who aspired to be a pediatric doctor.
Brian Fraser, 20, was a sophomore at Michigan State University and was the chapter president of his MSU fraternity.
Alexandria Varner, 20, was a junior at Michigan State University and her father described her as a “beautiful soul.”
An initial message on the rock of the Michigan State University campus.