I Am Not My Hair

To be clear, NO hairstyle or element of identity traditionally associated with White people is deemed a violation of standard policy and has yet to be banned by schools and/or workplaces.

My African-Centered Education Experience

Years ago, a well respected educator, activist brother and local charter school founder and I got into a heated, rather public debate about what constitutes an authentic African-centered education (ACE). As one might expect, our exchange was fiercely personal (driven by our own unique worldview), revelatory in its degree of discontent and sadly, the polarizingContinue reading “My African-Centered Education Experience”

My African Spirituality Explained

Religion is manmade and as such, inherently flawed. Despite addressing the seemingly innumerable soul and spirit devoid shortcomings of religion, I prefer instead to highlight that I am unashamedly and deeply spiritual and acknowledge my oneness with the divine source of life – God. Finally, years after having been raised as a devout Christian andContinue reading “My African Spirituality Explained”